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  1. 產品展示

    •   隨著人民生活水平的提高,現在幾乎每個家庭都有一輛汽車,但它是很難找到一個停車位,如果你能買一個車庫,這當然是很方便,和一次性投資也很劃算,它可以真正增加價值。然而,如果我們不能選擇正確的車庫門,我們可能需要每天手動開門,這是非常不方便的,而且安全系數也是隱患。

        With the improvement of people's living standards, almost every family now has a car, but it is very difficult to find a parking space. If you can buy a garage, it is very convenient, and one-time investment is also very cost-effective, it can really add value. However, if we can't choose the right garage door, we may need to open the door manually every day, which is very inconvenient, and the safety factor is also a hidden danger.


        Electric garage door is more convenient. We have a remote control, so the garage door will rise and fall directly. This kind of rolling shutter door has been recognized by many consumers. Although the cost may be a little high, in the long run, this kind of electric garage door is relatively cost-effective. Moreover, as long as the later maintenance is simple, it does not need to spend a lot of money, and it is also a cost-effective product. The electric garage door must be operated by a motor. In order to ensure the normal use of the garage door, it is also essential for the maintenance of the motor. Here is an introduction to the inspection that needs to be done before the use of the garage door motor.

        1. 在使用新的或退役已久的車庫門電機之前,請檢查繞組與繞組地面之間的絕緣電阻。

        1. Before using the new or retired garage door motor, please check the insulation resistance between the winding and the winding ground.

        2. 檢查車庫門電機外觀是否有裂縫,緊固螺絲及零件是否齊全,電機是否固定好。

        2. Check whether there are cracks in the appearance of garage door motor, whether the fastening screws and parts are complete, and whether the motor is fixed properly.


        3. Check whether the transmission mechanism of garage door motor is reliable.

        4. 根據銘牌上顯示的數據,如電壓、功率、頻率、連接方式、速度等是否與電源、負載一致。

        4. According to the data displayed on the nameplate, such as whether the voltage, power, frequency, connection mode, speed, etc. are consistent with the power supply and load.

        5. 檢查車庫門電機的通風、軸承潤滑是否正常。

        5. Check whether the ventilation and bearing lubrication of garage door motor are normal.