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  1. 產品展示

    •   現實中大多數業主在買房之后并不會馬上裝飾入住,等到真實使用車庫門的時候,少的現已過了兩三年,多的甚至五六年不止。在此期間,看起來車庫門沒有使用,但實際上車庫門一直在作業。具體表現為:

        In reality, most of the owners will not decorate and move in immediately after buying a house. When they actually use the garage door, the less ones have passed two or three years, the more ones are even more than five or six years. During this period, it seems that the garage door is not in use, but actually the garage door has been working. The specific performance is as follows:、


        Door panel: the door panel faces the outdoor directly, will be exposed to the wind, sun and rain. The characteristics of wooden door panel will cause the wood to rot, crack, deformation and other phenomena because the paint has not been protected for a long time.


        2. 配件:車庫門配件多為冷鍍鋅鋼板所制,長期在室內環境,會呈現生銹的狀況。

        2. Accessories: garage door accessories are mostly made of cold galvanized steel plate, which will rust in indoor environment for a long time.


        3. Torsion spring: torsion spring is a very important accessory of garage door. The function of torsion spring is to balance the components of the door body. When the door body is closed, the torsion spring is in operation. If the garage door is not open for a long time, the torsion spring will appear fatigue, and the torsion will be reduced. When the garage door is opened again, most of the components of the door body will be accepted by the motor, which will simply cause damage to the motor components.


        4. Motor: most door openers on the market are driven by chain or motor, because dust will accumulate at the track, motor and main board of the motor when exposed to the air.