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  1. 產品展示

    •   金屬門久了,難免生銹掉漆;木門用久了,表面會開始發黑變粗糙。新買一扇門又要花不少錢,那么怎么樣給門翻新呢?更簡單的辦法就是重新刷上油漆。選擇你喜歡的顏色,對于大多數車庫門,如白色,米色或珍珠的淺色調更有效,因為它們不會在陽光下褪色。選擇溫和,天氣晴朗的一天刷油漆。氣候條件可能會對外部涂料的質量產生很大的影響。同時在刷漆之前一定要給車庫門徹底清洗。完全干燥以后方可開始上漆。

        Metal doors are hard to rust and paint for a long time. When they are used for a long time, the surface will start to turn black and rough. If you buy a new door and spend a lot of money, how do you refurbish it? The easiest way is to re paint it. Choosing the color you like is most effective for most garage doors, such as white, beige or pearl light coloration, because they will not fade in the sunlight. Choose a gentle, sunny day to paint the paint. Climate conditions may have a great impact on the quality of external coatings. At the same time, we must thoroughly clean the garage door before painting. The paint can be started after complete drying.



        Fire door is a fireproof and heat insulation facility for building entrance, which plays a certain role in design and installation. Fire doors are widely used in the fire isolation area of industrial and civil buildings, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire.


        After cleaning, you can also see clearly whether the springs or hinges need to be repaired. It is generally recommended to clean 3-4 times a year, which ensures that garage doors are always in a healthy state. Electric garage doors have springs and chains to ensure that doors move up and down easily. In order to ensure its normal operation, it is recommended to use the spray oil to lubricate the key moving parts at least once a year at all springs, hinges, rollers and pivot points.


        Once a year, garage doors must be thoroughly inspected, and any loosened screws, nuts or bolts should be tightened. This is very important for keeping the garage door moving correctly on the drum. Clean the garage door track with cleaning agent without corrosive substance and carefully clean all exposed parts of the drum. Remove all excess water. Then use specially designed garage door lubricants or powdered graphite to keep the rollers moving smoothly and effectively on the track.